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Why MF52?!


Well here we are and here the Finnswedish poetry meets us. We compose and record it for our and your pleasure and enjoyment.


We are Mostly Franck, which is Jonas and Anna for the most part, but sometimes a non-Franck slips in.


This year, 2018, we have decided to treat you to one song per week, and therefore the name MF52.


A crazy mix of old, new, beautiful, ugly, wonderfully off key and brutally honest poems and lyrics we have composed over the years: Runeberg, Södergran, Taivassalo, Gripenberg, Sandström, M.Franck (in which we are Totally Franck), Christmas songs, naming songs, instrumental interpretations, in our mother tongue and foreign tongue.


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Like it, hate it, love it or leave it!




 Jonas Franck CEO (not) and Anna Franck AD (totally)